Great BIG Nature's Brian Keating has spent the past few days checking out Grizzlies in northern British Columbia. Hear the stories!

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Great BIG Natures, Brian Keating, travelled through India and talks about one of his stops at the Kanha Tiger Reserve in Madhya Pradesh, India.
Spring has arrived and with it come all the mating rituals you might expect from the birds and the bees at this time of year. Our Great BIG Nature naturalist, Brian Keating, witnessed a remarkable display of courtship over the weekend, behaviours that he has never witnessed before!
Brian Keating's latest international eco-adventure continues this week in Central America, and he joins Doug with his latest adventures.
It was sunny here today, but Great BIG Nature Naturalist Brian Keating is in the clouds. We've reached him this week in Ecuador -- in a place called the Cloud Forest, to specifically talk about his Galapagaos adventure where he was last week.
Great BIG Nature's Brian Keating has spent the past few days checking out Grizzlies in northern British Columbia. Hear the stories!
Great BIG Nature has been spending time with thousands of penguins as they continue their adventures in the southern hemisphere.
Great BIG Nature's Brian Keating has been on another grand adventure. He was out riding the rapids on the Nahanni River and joins Jim with all the details.
Brian Keating has spent the past several weeks checking out wildlife in Central America, and he still has a long way to go before he rejoins us here in our studio. We've reached Brian today in Argentina.
How's this for a wild and wonderful twenty-four hours or so? Brian Keating was in Churchill, Manitoba yesterday hanging out with polar bears and then he headed to the Calgary Zoo this morning to check out the pandas.
Brian Keating has spend the past month or so telling us about the remarkable self defence mechanisms animals possess. From lizards shooting toxic blood out of their eyes, to skunks peppering predators with their foul smelling perfume. And Brian isn't done with that prickly subject just yet.
A few months ago, Jenny shared a story about her dog getting sprayed by a skunk, and one of Brian Keating's friends just had a similar encounter, that's twice as smelly. Brian joins Doug to share the details of that stinky wildlife adventure, and to explore the fascinating lives of real Pepe Le Pews.
The cute, furry sea otter has made a remarkable recovery on the west coast after nearly going extinct 100 years ago. Homestretch Naturalist Brian Keating caught sight of half a dozen of them while out hiking on the B.C. coast recently.
Black squirrels are everywhere these days. But those cute little red ones are much more elusive. There's a reason for that. Great BIG Nature tells us more.
Great BIG Nature is back from their latest adventures in India. Cats that fish? Yes, you heard that correctly.
If you've been desperate for a sign of spring lately you're going to like what Homestretch naturalist Brian Keating is here to tell us about this week. In fact, you may have noticed it yourself, a dark shadow cast over The Bow.
Great BIG Nature has been travelling throughout India and had a remarkable Asian wild dog sighting. Learn more!
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